History of Churros

History of ChurrosThe history of churros is divided on how they came to exist. Some say that the recipe for the churro was developed by Spanish shepherds seeking to find a bakery product that would last for many weeks in the fields. Others say that the Portuguese introduced the ordinary donut to the orient and that the fusion of culinary techniques resulted in the star like shape of the churro that we see today.

Regardless of how a Churro came to be, what we know for sure is that Churros are still one of the most popular breakfast foods in Spanish speaking countries and one of the most popular sweet snack foods all around the world.

What makes our Original Golden Churros™ different from other churros and sweet treats is that their popularity has been tried and tested – they have become one of the best selling products at theme parks, local markets, sporting events, school or service club events, and almost anywhere a crowd is gathered to participate, watch, or enjoy themselves.

Australians eat them by the thousands because they are just so good!