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Original Golden Churros Products

Original Golden Churros Australia sell wholesale churros to distributors in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and regional Australia. Our delicious churros products can be oven baked or deep fried, then rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with toppings! A perfect gourmet dessert or snack, kids and adults alike love our churros day and night!


Contact us  on 1300 424 877 to discuss purchasing our Original Golden Churros™ at wholesale prices. Ask us about our chocolate and cinnamon sugar too!

King Sized Churros

  • 40cm King Sized Churros (the original Disneyland Churro)
  • Carton: 100 churros
  • Pallet: 32 cartons
California Churros

LA Churro

  • 25cm regular sized Mexican churros
  • Large Carton : 100 churros / 64 cartons per pallet
  • Small Carton: 25 churros / 192 cartons per pallet
Cookies and Cream Churros

  • 25cm Cookies and Cream churros made from OREO cookies pieces filled with OREO icing cream
  • Carton: 100 churros
  • Pallet: 50 cartons

California Churro Bun

  • Add that special flair to your dessert offerings with our new hand rolled Californian churro buns!
  • Carton: 50 churro buns
  • Pallet: 72 cartons
LA Churros

  • 25cm regular sized Spanish churros
  • Carton: 100 churros
  • Pallet: 60 cartons
Churro Bites

  • 5cm bite sized Spanish churros
  • Carton: 300 churro bites
  • Pallet: 60 cartons

They taste like… Happiness!